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Customer Service First: New Cal Metals builds parts — and partnerships. We’re committed to earning your complete trust and satisfaction with our specialized solutions. Our exclusive one-stop design and production facility means your project will have our undivided attention with every step of the manufacturing process. Our helpful staff prioritizes your satisfaction above all else.

Design & Prototyping Customization: Our company supplies dynamic solutions for all of your precision part needs. With decades of skilled craft expertise, we use the latest, most advanced imaging technology to design and deliver tailor-made parts that fit your project’s exact technical specifications.

Sales: Despite being able to handle large orders and high demands, we operate with a small-shop mentality. Our New Cal Metals sales department is an experienced team of individuals who are knowledgeable, resourceful, and solution-driven. We’ll assign a dedicated sales representative to work with your company to oversee and troubleshoot any concerns throughout the manufacturing process.

Delivery: Our flexible production team can accommodate any demand or deadline. With our in-house manufacturing process, we guarantee complete supervision of your project from start to finish. No outsourced steps means no delays or unexpected hold-ups — we even handle the final delivery to you.

Quality Craftsmanship: New Cal Metals utilizes the highest quality of materials for manufacturing customized precision parts. Our expanding inventory boasts a number of rugged solutions that are expertly crafted and built to outperform and last longer than conventional mass-produced parts.

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