Bringing Innovation to Life

The companies behind some of the country’s most innovative brands turn to New Cal Metals because our highly skilled team delivers customized solutions for all their manufacturing needs.

Vulcan Vents

Vulcan Technologies was looking for a trusted partner to help the company bring its innovative flame- and ember-resistant mesh screens and vents to market. Our reputation for solution-driven manufacturing led them to New Cal Metals. Thanks to our hard-earned know-how and ingenuity, we were able to deliver a line of vents suitable for multiple applications—continuous, dormer, eaves, gable, and foundation—in a lightning-fast timeframe. Today, Vulcan Vents are a crucial line of defense in protecting structures and people from devastating wildfires.


Since 1975, the Grip-Rite brand has been associated with quality residential and commercial products and accessories. That’s why New Cal Metals was proud to be asked to manufacture sheet metal flashing and vent products carrying the respected Grip-Rite label. With our expertise in play, PrimeSource, the company behind the Grip-Rite brand and one of the largest distributors of building materials in North America, was able to bring quality products to market at competitive prices.

Post Collar

New Cal Metals was approached with an idea for a product that could prevent fence posts from rotting, thereby greatly extending the life of wooden fences. We enthusiastically accepted the invitation to tackle this manufacturing challenge and the opportunity to bring a useful new product to market. New Cal Metals built a whole new tooling system from scratch, significantly improving upon the initial collar concept along the way. The result is an easy-to-use product that shows off our superb design, engineering and manufacturing capabilities.


Z-Post’s approached New Cal Metals to boost output and cut costs. Their previous manufacturer’s methods were expensive and inefficient, both in their processing of the material and their manufacturing methods. New Cal Metals was up to the task. First, we offered a new method to process the material. This drastically cut costs and reduced the overall time to market. Next, was the manufacturing process. We created a custom tool and die system to stamp them out in record time.

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