Agile From Prototype to Production

Most projects start with an idea, some start with a problem; either way, our process is the same. We have a talented design team, experienced in multiple disciplines, to make sure that your idea comes to life and you get the solutions you need.

1. Ideation

Brainstorm ideas to solve a problem or help realize the initial idea. This can start with a simple sketch, a technical drawing, or even a conversation.

2. Requirements

Requirements set the parameters required to achieve the goal or solve the problem with you and your audience in mind.

3. Design

Creation begins, given the input parameters. We do this in-house. Our team is multi-disciplinary, which results in better design; we know how to think outside of the box.

4. Development

Build begins. This is where prototypes come to life.

5. Testing

We evaluate the quality of everything that we do.

6. Deployment and delivery

Solving a problem or fabricating an order is only half the battle; the product has to make it to the job or the shelf. We’re committed to seeing each and every project through until it hits the target.

Post-delivery, supporting our customers is just as important as delivering a job or part. If you need to make adjustments or change things up a bit, we’re here to support you.


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